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The Mini Silky Fainting Goats are a relatively new breed, there are only about 3,500 registered Silkies in the US. In the 90's long haired Tennessee fainting goats were crossed with long haired Nigerian Dwarf goats to create the Mini Silky Fainting goats. This breed is very friendly and loving just like dogs, but quieter and easier to care for. The Silkies here at Desert Blue Ranch are breed for their blue eyes and extreme long hair. Our bloodlines are from all over the US and are of champion stock. Silkies make great pets, they are very docile, and many are show quality animals. They love to run and play in the mornings and evenings, the rest of the day they just lay around. For more information please check out Any Questions or if you would like to reserve your Mini Silky contact Jackie at (702)445-2348 or at